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What We Do In Adithya 5 Padhathi

Adithya 5

Adithya 5 is a wonderful mini power plant designed and developed by BSS engineers. It is a little genie capable of handling loads up to 5000 Watt. Lights ,fans, televisions ,audio and video systems, washing machines ,mixes, electrical irons ,fridge, AC, water heaters, water pumps etc. could be connected to this unit for specific periods. This mini power plant has a 5KWA power conditioning unit, 1500 Watt poly crystalline solar panels and  four 150 Ah batteries as components. Besides the above 30 meter solar cable (15*2) and mounding structure will be provided along with the unit. This little wonder would come handy to those consumers who use excess of power ,but at the same time do not have the financial soundness or preparedness to install a full-fledged solar power unit at their premises.


 5KVA Invertor

 1500 WP A Grade poly crystalline solar panel.

 150* 4 AH solar Battery.

 Panel  mounting structure.

 30 M positive and Negative solar cable (15 M each).

 Battery Structure.

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Land Phone:0471-2439322
Toll Free Number: 9400329322

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