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What We Do In Adithya 2 Padhathi

Adithya 2

It is a mini power plant that operators totally on solar power .It consists of 300 watt solar panel, a 1000 VA power conditioning unit and good quality 150 AH solar battery .The package also contains 30 meters(15 meters each) XLPD solar tables ,solar panel mounding structure and battery box. It is in fact a boom to those customers who are using excess power than what is permitted and for those who have not made any preparations for setting up for solar unit at their homes .


 1000 VA Invertor

 300 WP A Grade poly crystalline solar panel.

 150 AH solar Battery.

 Panel  mounting structure.

 15 M positive and Negative solar cable (each).

All gadgets (except fridge, AC and water pump) that are needed for an average home could be connected to this power unit(1000 watt).A minimum of rupees 600 (for a consumer who uses about 4 units a day) could be saved ,in a bill in houses where no inverters are being used. 

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Land Phone:0471-2439322
Toll Free Number: 9400329322

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