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What We Do In Adithya Padhathi


Kerala once was a state abundant in resources for power generation, especially perennial rivers. But as the forest cover begin to dwindle and as restrictions were slapped on the use of fossil fuels, people began to think on ways to tackle the issue of power shortage. That is how the wide spread use of inverters came into being. People somehow began to think that inverters are the only way out for continuous power availability. The inverter manufacturers also encouraged this kind of belief. But in reality inverters, along with providing uninterrupted power supply, are infact sources of financial and power loss too. An inverter in reality is a gadget that converts direct current into alternating current. It does not generate power of its own .It is a unit consisting of three components namely charger, battery and inverter. Yet another fact is that no inverter would ever function 100% effectively. The effective performance of an inverter is between 85 to 95%. About 5 to 15% of energy is lost during charging, discharging and when power passes from one component to other. In an 1KW inverter, an average of 150 watt is lost in one hour. In addition to this ,the power required for functioning of inverter is also there. Altogether on an average 2.8 units of electricity is lost in a day. As per prevailing calculations, about 7000 rupees is required to operate a 1KW inverter for one year. This is where the significance of Adithya project come into effect.

In Adithya program, inverters that operates totally on solar power and serves about 1 to 2 unit of electricity are used.


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