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Soorya Gramam Padhathi 

Welcome to B.S.S. Solar

Energy is one of the most fundamental components of our universe. Energy has come to be known as a `strategic commodity’ and any uncertainty about its supply can threaten the functioning of the entire economy, particularly in developing economies. A Nation’s substantial and sustained economic growth forces enormous demand on its energy resources. The demand and supply imbalance in energy sources is pervasive requiring serious efforts by Governments to augment energy supplies as States face possible severe energy supply constraints. Energy requirement in our country is increasing at a very rapid rate. Achieving energy security in this strategic sense is of fundamental importance not only to our Nation’s economic growth but also for the human development objectives that aim at alleviation of poverty, unemployment and meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Holistic planning for achieving these objectives requires quality energy that is able to address the issues related to energy demand, energy poverty and environmental effects of energy growth.

 Photovoltaics, and other renewable energy technologies, can significantly contribute to economic and social development. There are areas in our countries that still do not have access to electricity or to clean water, primary health care, education and other basic services, all of which are largely dependent on access to electricity. We, at BSS-SOLAR are mobilizing our efforts to give quality power from renewable energy.

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Our Vision

Empowerment of India by development of a renewable energy Pathway through promotion of solar power and  to ensure  sustainable development and  reduction of  environmental pollution.In India Power Shortage has been identified as a major hurdle in our process of development. The best available source of clean energy at an economic pricing would be Solar Energy. Hence solar energy would be the power of the future. The best solution to the power crisis would be saving power, as saving is much more economical than power generation. This mission emphasizes on saving power through harnessing solar energy and by providing Solar solutions to lakhs of households across India and also by saving power through elimination of transmission losses. Moreover this mission envisages a programme where no cost will have to be spend on infra structure.At the same time it would also provide thousands of employment opportunities  throughout the Nation. 

What Is Our Aim

Our Mission

To improve the living conditions of mankind through clean energy.

To protect the reserves of raw materials as well as to secure a sustainable,
Environment- friendly and conflict-free energy supply.

Providing technical excellence to ensure successful delivery of renewable and sustainable energy.

 Bringing environmental, economic and social benefits to local and regional communities.

Making a significant contribution to sustainable development by involving in projects that result in the reduction of carbon footprints locally and globally.

Production of high quality Solar Panels at affordable price.

Production of high energy efficacy LED bulbs and tubes.

Supporting and promoting clean, secure and economically viable renewable energy initiatives to ensure decreased dependence on fossil fuels with the aim of mitigating the worst effects of climate change. 

Conducting approved training programs in installing, servicing & upkeep of different models of solar power systems and thereby generating qualified work force to meet the future  requirements in the field of solar energy harnessing.This would generate a pool of employment in the new sector of solar energy.

Our Objectives


Create Awareness about the depletion of existing sources of energy and about the use of renewable energy sources with special emphasis on Solar Energy.

Solar Energy Production.

To initiate positive action  to reduce monthly electric bills of the common man.

Effectively reduce the power purchase quantum of States.

Moving a step ahead to solve the power crisis of the country.

Setting up of a research Centre for promoting innovations in the solar energy Sector for application in all home appliances segment and other applications.

To provide consultancy to manufacturers, in Renewable Energy field, developers and Governments.

To provide awareness to people belonging to different strata of society on the benefits of solar and other renewable sources of energy.


Our Benefits


By installing a Solar Home lighting system in a household we can save between 1 unit to 1Kw  a day.  In a year a single household alone can save a minimum of 365Kwh.

Through such 500 Solar home lighting systems in each Panchayat, 182.5 MWh of electricity can be saved annually.

Thus 100 Panchayats could save/ to generate 18.25 Gwh of power annually.

States will have to spend around Rs. 500 Crores to generate the same power and would require Rs. 250 Crores for distributing the same on subsidized rate. Rs.250 Crores can be saved through this programme  in every State. 

This project does not need any distribution cost at all, as the power generated at the source is utilized at the sources itself. The assistance of bodies like Electricity Boards is not required here for power distribution.

By implementing such projects in 10 states, a Total of 185.2 Gwh will be saved.

Power cut could be minimized and uninterrupted power supply ensured. 

Employment generation of a minimum of 5 persons per Panchayat .

Creates awareness about the health hazards caused by the existing harmful lighting system.

Creates awareness about the safety and the economics in the usage of LED.


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Land Phone:0471-2439322
Toll Free Number: 9400329322

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